Village Day Trip Package in Jogjakarta

Village Tour in Jogjakarta

JavaBali Trans Wisata Offer the exclusive Village Tours Package in Jogjakarta. This tour is designed to give you an overview of rural life in Jogjakarta. Begin by visiting a traditional village with visit a farmer in his field to observe farming activities, including rice-cultivating by traditional methods. You’re more than welcome to try your hand at ox-plowing or planting rice. Then learn Javanese traditional music called gamelan orchestra in playing their exotic musical instruments. We provide cycling tours around the village, you can visit traditional market, live in traditional homestay and you can see the farmer washing cow. Get the experience interesting and unforgettable moment with traditional culture tour such as: learn gamelan traditional music and learn batik training, traditional bicycle ride at the village, cycling tours using traditional costume of Javanese. Fun Cycling tours with nature view to paddy field, natural rivers and heritage sites for refreshing your body and mind, and sightseeing in Yogyakarta.
Price start from $30/pax.
Our Facilities:

  1. Live in Village Homestay
  2. One day Visiting
  3.  Home stay and Camping Ground up to 300 person
  4. Farm and Cattle training
  5. Art and Culture attraction
  6. Village Tracking, Camping, Out Bound
  7.  Culinary attraction and training
  8. Lava and Volcano Merapi tour

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